After School Care Program

Equip OSHC offers a stimulating activities-based After School Care program offered for children attending our partner schools. Our experienced and qualified educators are guided by the MY TIME, OUR PLACE Framework and we ensure that it is reinforced in their day to day practice. They work hard to provide the best child care possible and are supported with outstanding resources and a child-centered philosophy.  

After a long day of structured learning at school, our aim is to go back to basics and provide the children with learning in a relaxing and fun environment where they can loosen up and enjoy their childhood which is very important for the development of their minds and bodies. 

Our After School Care program is tailored to the needs of each school, meaning our programs vary depending on your community. However, all of our after-school care programs provides fun activities, nutritious food, homework support, and highly qualified educators to assist children in finishing their school day in a safe and supportive environment.  Find out more about our program, Contact us today!

Fun Activities

Equip OSHC has a range of fun and stimulating activities for children to choose from – from physical activities and outdoor games to arts and crafts. We believe through meaningful play we support children’s wellbeing, learning and development and develop a sense of their social world, positive collaboration among their friends. 

Nutritious Food

Every afternoon we serve the children a healthy and tasty afternoon tea that includes fresh fruit as well as a substantial snack such as pasta or a rice-based dish. We cater for children with special dietary requirements, including both allergies or cultural needs, and take into consideration every individual child’s preferences.

Homework Support

Our educators are happy to assist the children in completing any homework they have where possible, setting aside a quiet study area and encouraging all attendees to complete their homework before participating in activities. 

Qualified Educators

We follow the Australian Governments, My Time, Our Place Framework, which allows for a child-centred philosophy. Our team of qualified educators strive to help children develop their social skills through positive collaboration among their friends.