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What Our Families Say

Slide I would like to take this opportunity to thank the after school care team and commend them on the way they cared for our two daughters. Our girls were well cared for and really 'known' by their leaders. These relationships were built on trust as our girls felt safe and enjoyed their time and breadth of activities. The team were a pleasure to deal with from a parent's point of view, and I would highly recommend the program to other parents. I recognise this is an important service to families. It was reassuring for us to know our children were in a happy, safe place. Keep up the great work.

Lukas White
Former Parent
Slide Our kids attended the after care for almost 5 years and they were really happy with the caring and nurturing educators. It was a big relief to us that our kids were in safe hands and were happy. We really appreciate your efforts in making the kids comfortable and entertained especially after a long day when they just want to go back home and relax. My kids used to look forward to Friday evening movies with popcorn. We really miss the loving staff.

Heera Dinesh
Former Parent
Slide I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for their utmost professionalism in providing the best care to my daughter who attended after school care. Being a full time worker myself and my husband a full time emergency professional – we wanted to make sure our daughter was nurtured and looked after in safe environment. I want to take this opportunity to mention two amazing staff – Rasika and Natalie. They both went above and beyond in making sure my daughter received best care and at the same time stayed on top of her educational and professional development. It was a heart warming experience to see my daughter had a good time in OSHC in care of Rasika and Natalie. I would have no hesitation to recommend Rasika and Natalie as one of the best after school Care staff I have come across. The administration department was very approachable and had very clear communication. All the queries including fees and finances were answered and resolved in a very professional manner.

Priti Singh
Former Parent